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More than 20,000 fans gathered to watch Red Bull Flugtag’s triumphant return to Kuwait. 29 teams took it to the skies above the Marina Crescent water.

Dragon Fly team the 2010 winner successfully defended their title after scoring 176 points (a record in Kuwait). The winners achieved a flying record in Kuwait with 16 meters. They also managed to win the creativity prize after scoring 46 points out of 50.

Second place went to the phoenix team with 140 points while the newly comers the Kangaroos managed to take third place.

The 3rd Red Bull Flugtag in Kuwait which started at 1:00pm was held under the patronage and presence of Major-General Faisal Al Jazzaf, General Director of the Public Authority for Youth and Sport in Kuwait.

29 teams took part in the 3rd Red Bull Flugtag which Al Rai TV covered live for two hours. The event sponsored was sponsored by Wataniya Telecom, Mini, Braun Cruzer, Gulfnet, Al Rai, Kuwait Times and MBC Action.

Raya Abi Rached and Abdullah Malallah who presented the event played a significant role in adding more excitement among the audience.
Raya Abi Rached is a Lebanese TV presenter, television personality, celebrity journalist and producer. She is the co-host of the hit TV talent show Arabs Got Talent. She is also the host of her own TV show Scoop, which provides the latest Hollywood news and interviews with famous international actors. Abdalla Malallah, is a well-known Kuwaiti TV presenter especially among youth.

Teams were judged by a panel of 5 judges: Zeina Chidiac (Artist/Painter), Adel Abou Shebel (Marketing Specialist), Abdullah Al Fadhli (World Champion in Jet Ski), Irine Kukulina (Founder of Art-Kuwait) and Anas Al Shemali (Captain in Jazeera Airways).

The judging was based on three criteria:
    •    Creativity (10 points for each judge)
    •    A 60 second Showmanship (10 points for each judge)
    •    Flight distance (5 points for each meter flown)

The competition was extremely tight because of the experience gained by the participants whether through their participation in previous versions or because of their strong preparation.

Red Bull Flugtag, which Kuwait hosted its 118th version since its inception in 1991 in Vienna, Austria, is no longer a transient event to jump in the “Marina” water, but is now, as confirmed by the facts, an opportunity for innovation and self-expression.

Flugtag, which is pronounced FLOOG-TAG, means “flying day” in German. At Red Bull Flugtag, teams of up to 4 people have worked for months building homemade, human-powered flying machines which one person pilots off of an elevated flight deck, through the air, and into the water.

All selected teams fly their planes from a 30 meter long, 8 meter wide and 6 meters high constructed runway using only human power. Each team, consists of one pilot and 3 assistants, so that he can lead the aircraft while the assistants help to hover as far as possible before landing in the water. The safety crews and the boats ready to help participants and measure distances. The runway which takes weights of up to 80 tons took 100 hours to be ready and will take 40 hours to be dismantled.

All crafts must be human-powered - no engines or external energy sources allowed. Prefabricated crafts are not accepted. Each craft must be less than 8m wide and not more than 180 kgs. (Including the pilot), and craft pilots must be at least 18 years old.

The current record is 69m held by a German team from this year’s competition in Mainz, Germany while London holds the record with over 250,000 spectators at the 2003 event.

The 29 human powered flying machines from Kuwait were piloted, dragged and pushed from a six meter high ramp. The performance shows included break dancing, martial arts, and a variety of other interesting shows that entertained the spectators and judges as well. The 3rd Red Bull Flugtag proved to be the biggest event ever to be staged in Kuwait.

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